Orden auf Briefmarken - eine Auflistung mit Abbildungen

Medals on Stamps - a listing with images

Médailles sur timbres - une liste avec images



This website is dedicated to you if you are interested in medals and in stamps. This site will help you to find stamps, miniature sheets and sheetlets displaying orders, decorations and medals among the thousands of stamps issued. The listing is no catalogue in the ordinary meaning, but as no catalogue does, it gives the names of nearly all of the decorations depicted on the stamps.

The listing is not complete. Every day new stamps are issued and catalogues don't depict all stamps and the descriptions often lack details to find those with orders, decorations and medals. So please inform me if you know about issues not yet listed or about still missing catalogue numbers if the stamps are already listed. I am also very glad for any hint to mistakes I made and for any proposal. Please feel free to use the web form by clicking on the button 'contact'.



Orden auf Briefmarken:
Hartmut Gräber, Dortmund.