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The catalogue numbers in 'Listing' are those of Stanley Gibbons. Up to now only a few numbers are put in, but you will find a stamp by the year when it was issued.

When you click on the blue coloured words in the column 'description' an image of the stamp will appear if available.

In the column 'description' you find the names of the decorations in English. If they are not known to the author you will find the descriptions in the language of the country. Descriptions in German or French are added as well if this language is generally used in that country.

If stamps display the decoration of a foreign country the letters of the car nationality plate of that country is added.

Generally the names of the decorations displayed on the stamps and of persons, whose names are known are mentioned but no other illustrations.

If you click on the appropriate national flags on the home page you will get to the German, US or French version of the website. On those sites the countries are listed alphabetically correspondent to the German, US or French name of the country. The catalogue numbers there are those of Michel (German), Scott (US) and Yvert et Tellier (French) as far as the author knows them.

The names of the stamp issues and of the decorations on this website don't always comply with the names in stamp catalogues. The author tries to find the correct description but mistakes can't be excluded. Please be aware: Illustrations of the decorations you find on the stamps do not always correspond completely to the design of the original decorations.

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